Stripeless tree frog

Hyla meridionalis

Rainette Méridionale

The stripeless tree frog shares many of the same characteristics as the Common Tree Frog but spends more of its time on land. It is also limited in its range to the more Mediterranean regions of France and the coastal areas as far north as the Gironde, (see map), where it can be found in a number of habitats including town centers. As far as water is concerned it can tolerate a degree of salinity which gives it the ability to frequent coastal waters and wetlands. Occupying the milder areas of France it will be active for most of the year. Slightly larger than the Common tree frog at 5cm to 6cm. The eggs are again produced in small packets which are fertilised as they are produced. These are then carefully tied around the base of a rush or a submerged grass stalk.

Both species of Tree Frog can sometimes exhibit different forms of colouration as a result of variations in the pigmentation present or even in some cases the complete absence of a particular pigment. As a result it is possible to find individuals that are Black, Grey, Brown or Blue, as well as some that are partially these colours with green.

French Stripeless tree frog unusual pigmentation
Blue stripeless tree frog in France
Stripeless tree frog unusual pigmentation - France

Considerable local population declines due to loss of habitat, removal of ponds and ditch clearing at the wrong time of year.