Tibicina haematodes  Cigale rouge

The Cigale rouge is one of the largest French Cicadas with a body legnth of 30mm and a total legnth of 42mm including wings, Wingspan is 80mm.

This species is easily recognized by its size and its generally orange-red veins. red wing coloration, red-banded black abdomen and stocky silhouette,

Widely distributed in France, the Cigale rouge has colonized two-thirds of the southern part off the French territory where it has expanded its range northwards in recent years, Populations are particularly strong around the Mediterranean region, in the Rhône valleys and the Garonne but they can now be easily found as far north as the Paris region and even as far as Belgium,

They use a diverse range of habitats, river valleys with poplar planataions seem to be favoured all manner of hibatats will be used including drier environments, mixed woodland, parks and gardens, however cymbalization usually takes place from very tall trees where they can often be heard from several hundred metres. This tends to be mainly from June until August with a powerful long sizzle up to 10 – 15 seconds starting with three distict notes.

To listen there are sound files HERE