Cicadas or Cigales – family of Cicadidae in France

Cicadas are members of the superfamily Cicadoidea and are physically distinguished by their stout bodies, broad heads, clear-membraned wings and large compound eyes. In total there are 20 species in France, 3 of the sub family Cicadinae and 17 of the sub family Tibicininae

Sub Family Cicadinae

Cicada orni - Cigale grise (la), Cigale de l'orne (la), Cigale panachée (la), Cacan (le)

Cicadatra atra Cigale noire 

Lyristes plebejusCigale plébéienne 

Sub Family Tibicininae

Cicadetta brevipennis - La cigale à ailes courtes, cigale littorale or cigale des collines

Cicadetta cantilatrix - Cigale chanteuse

Cicadetta cerdaniensis - Cigale du Capcir

Cicadetta fangoana - Cigale du Fango

Cicadetta montana  - Cigale des montagnes

Cicadetta tibialis - Cigale à tibias armés

Dimissalna dimissa  -  Cigale des Balkans

Tettigetta argentata - Cigale argenté

Tettigetta pygmaea - Cigale pygmée

Tibicina corsica subsp. corsica - Cigale corse

Tibicina corsica subsp. fairmairei - Cigale de Fairmair

Tibicina garricola - Cigale des garrigues

Tibicina haematodes Cigale rouge

Tibicina nigronervosa (Corsica) - Cigale à nervures noires

Tibicina quadrisignata - Cigale quatre-fois-signée

Tibicina steveni - Cigale orientale

Tibicina tomentosa - Cigale cotonneuse