Triton de Blasius  
Triturus marmoratus x cristatus.

Although not strictly a species

this is a naturally occurring hybrid between the male of Triturus cristatus (Crested newt) and females of Triturus marmoratus (Marbled newt) where the two species occupy the same habitat.

There is a degree of variability in the results of this crossing but some characteristics are almost always present, the hybrid adults are larger, especially the females and there are frequently deformities. Commonly they have the crest markings of the marbled newt and the body markings of the crested newt

Biologically the males are sterile and the females partially fertile. When the hybrid females breed with either T. cristatus  or T. marmoratus they produce around 650 eggs a year which is double that of T.marmoratus and triple that of T. cristatus  but the survival rate is very low.

They can be found in Basse Normandie, Pays de la Loire, Centre, Ile-de-France, Poitou-Charentes and Limousin.

There is no statute of conservation or protection as such as it is not a true species.