Cicadetta brevipennis    La cigale à ailes courtes or cigale des collines

They are to be found in France in the Pyrénées-Orientales however they are found elsewhere. They are very similar in appearance to the mountain cicada (Cicadetta montana).

There is also a sub species La Cigalette du littoral Cicadetta brevipennis litoralis.

Sound recordings and exuvia are the principal means of determining their prescence

Data resulting from previous sources and prospecting carried out in 2013 and 2014 make it possible to evidence the presence of two main population nuclei other than those that are found in the Mediterranean regions. One being isolated in the far east of the country, in the plain of Alsace [Hugel et al.2008], the other, more substantial, is located in center of France, in the departments of Indre, Cher (in Berry Champagne) and of the Allier. A population was also discovered on a hillside in the Seine valley [Sueur & Powerful, 2007b]. in the light of this distribution, we note that C. brevipennis is dependent on lowland sectors among the most thermophilic from the northern half of France.

Listen to  Cicadetta brevipennis  HERE

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Cicadetta brevipennis litoralis
Cicadetta brevipennis