Great green bush cricket

Tettigonia viridissima 

Grande sauterelle verte

Males grow up to 28–36 mm long, while females reach 32–42 mm, making this one of the largest species that can be found in France.  They are completely green other than a rust brown band on the top of their head and body. Wings extend well beyond the length of their bodies and the female ovipositor extends beyond the tips of her wings.

Great green bush cricket France
Great green bush cricket female ovipositor France

This is a Bush Cricket that is almost 100% carnivorous eating a variety of insects including flies and caterpillars.

Females lay their eggs in groups or individually at ground level. They are elongated and dark brown in colour. Plurennial Life Cycle where the development of the larvae lasts for at least one and a half years up to as long as 5 years with 7 larval stages before attaining adulthood. The larvae hatch in April and they have no wings during the early stages of development.

Grasslands, heaths, hedgerows, scrub and gardens are typical habitats.

Found in all regions of France