Speckled Bush Cricket  

Leptophyes punctatissima    

Leptophye ponctuée

With a size of about 15 to 20mm and undeveloped wings this is a rather small flightless Bush Cricket. They are grass-green with minute black speckles that are more pronounced in the nymphs. This characteristic reflected in both the French and English common name as well as the Latin name for this species. The dorsal surface of the abdomen features an orangey-brown stripe which is more pronounced in the males. A yellow-white stripe extends backwards from the eyes. The lower legs and feet are brownish. The antennae can reach 4 times the length of the body.

Speckled bush cricket, France

Females have a wide flat curved ovipositor and eggs are usually placed in cracks and crevices. Eggs hatch in spring and the nymphs develop into the adult form in late summer.

Hedgerows, open scrub, parks and gardens are where they are typically to be found in all regions of France.

Speckled bush cricket
Speckled bush cricket nymph, France