Early purple orchid

Orchis mascula

  Orchis mâle

Presence in France. See link below.

Height. 20cm - 60cm

Leaves. Basal leaves narrow oblong with purple blotches, rarely without blotches, several sheathing leaves in the lower half which appear in winter.

Flowers. Purple, rarely pinkish or white, the lateral sepals spreading upwards, upper sepals and petals forming a hood.Usually some spots in the whitish middle. 3 lobed.

Flowering period. April - July

Soil type. Calcareous or acid, usually alkaline substrata. Full sun or partial shade.

Protection. Liste des espèces végétales protégées en région Nord-Pas-de-Calais : Article 1

Early purple orchid leaves
Early purple orchid Orchis mascula
Early purple orchids Orchis mascula

French link for this species including maps HERE