Frog Orchid



Presence in France. See link below.

Height. 10cm - 30cm

Leaves. 2 - 5 oval to lanceolte, usually pointed and decreasing in size up the stem, greenish brown and appear in early spring

Flowers. Small yellowish green often tinged with reddish or purplish brown. Lateral sepals spreading, upper sepal and petals forming a hood. Oblong lip notched in the middle. Faintly scented.

Flowering period. May - August

Soil type. Usually calcareous soils. Full sun or partial shade.

Protection. Protection. Regional. Liste des espèces végétales protégées article one - ​Haute-Normandie, Bourgogne, Limousin, Pays de la Loire, Bretagne, Lorraine, Picardie, Basse-Normandie, Centre, Île-de-France

Frog Orchid Coeloglossum-viride

French link for this species including maps HERE