Tongue Orchid



Presence in France. See link below.

Height. 10cm - 35cm

Leaves. Lanceolate, erect.

Flowers. 2 - 8 per stem. Labellum colour very variable, but almost always pink, often brick red or salmon and strikingly tongue-like

Flowering period. May - June

Soil type. Dry or wet meadows, slightly acid soil on limestone, full sunlight or partial shade. The plant makes long stalked tubers and many thousands of plants can be found in suitable habitat.


Liste des espèces végétales protégées en région Centre : Article 1

Liste des espèces végétales protégées en Bretagne : Article 1

Tongue Orchid Serapias-lingua France
Tongue Orchid Serapias-lingua
Tongue Orchids Serapias-lingua

French link for this species including map HERE