Woodcock Orchid

Ophrys scolopax

Ophrys bécasse

Presence in France. See link below.

Height. 10cm - 50cm

Leaves. Broad, lanceolate appear in autumn

Flowers. The lip (labellum) has a complex three dimensional shape and is strongly patterned, as is typical of all Ophrys species. It is divided at the base into three lobes, each of which is rolled up so that from the front there appear to be three tubes. The outer sides of the side lobes are hairy; the margins of the central lobe are velvety. The rest of the surface of the lobes is smooth. The background colour of the lip is some shade of brown. The speculum is H- or X-shaped or even more complicated, usually a dull blue to violet in colour with a pale yellow border.

Flowering period. March - June

Soil type. Dry or temporarily wet, generally calcareous. Full sun.

Protection. Liste des espèces végétales protégées en région Auvergne : Article 1

Woodcock Orchid Ophrys scolopax
Woodcock Orchid Ophrys scolopax

French link for this species including map HERE